Adult B’nai Mitzvah 2022-2024 ?>

Adult B’nai Mitzvah 2022-2024

Amidah 10-12

Birchot Hashachar – Copy

understanding the phrases in ברכות השחר

Barchu – Copy

Words, roots, and prefixes in the Call to Prayer: Barchu

Rabbi Reice’s class – 5782

מילים חדשות – 1

V’ahavta Prefixes and Suffixes

Ma’ariv Aravim and Yotzeir Or

Vocabulary, including roots, prefixes, and suffixes related to Ma’ariv Aravim and Yotzeir Or

Sh’ma – Copy

Words in Sh’ma Yisrael from the Hebrew Liturgy

מי כמכה – Mi Chamocha

Vocabulary, including roots and prefixes, related to G’ulah/Mi Chamocha (Prayers of Redemption)