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Invite him Preventing him from driving on Shabbos 2) Baby will get huge zechus because someone who kept shabbos held him
So used to eating fancy meat, but when ate veal, he wasted 3 minutes because he was figuring it out. He did it now because otherwise in Shamayim, his FIL would be punished for causing him to waste time.
Man has baby, and knows modern father will drive on shabbos to bris, so says he can't invite him, and father says if he makes him sandek so he’ll get a bracha to be rich, then he’ll come b4 shabbos so he's not mechalel shabbos, but man wanted Roshei yeshiva to be sandek, who gets it?
Reuven hired a contractor and didn't specify the size of house, so contractor said what house would you like? Reuven says like neighbor Shimon, after it was built, R saw that it was 20 feet smaller, even though it looked the same on the outside, what to do?
You have to pay for the service you received even though you don’t benefit from it.
Said that he still sent meat, so it’s fine.
Why would he bring his FIL to beis din if he was being so nice?
In shul there was one kohen, so got aliyah tons of times, ppl thought it was cracray and complained. How should it be resolved?
Father in law promised by wedding to send fancy meat every day so he won’t waste his time learning, after a while he couldn't afford it anymore and he started sending veal. The first day he got veal, the SIL was shocked because he didn't realize his FIL lost his money, so he wanted to bring him to Beis Din. What to do?
Man has yahrzeit for his father, so Gabbai lets him Daven Shachris, and before Chazaras Hashatz, he said he had to go to work and left, he came back for Mincha and wanted to Daven, should Gabbai let him daven?
It’s in the hands of the buyer to decide if he wants a discount or the house to be extended
Rav Chaim Kanievskey was younger and went on bus and slept and went off 3 stops later, should he pay the driver?
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