chapter 25 pesukim 10-18 rashi’s

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 הראיתם Have you seen    
2 שפיטם That he fattened    
3 עגלים Calves    
4 ויחסו And traced his lineage    
5 אבי אמו His mother’s father    
6 במקום Instead of    
7 שיחס That it (posuk) traced his lineage    
8 שבח Praise    
9 גנאי Disgrace    
10 שכבר That already    
11 נתכהן Was made a כהן    
12 שנמשחו That were anointed    
13 ולתולדותיהם and for their children    
14 לא מנע He did not withhold    
15 קודם לכן Before then    
16 שנינו We have learned    
17 לכלל To the category of    
18 שיולידו That he will give birth to    
19 מבזים humiliating    
20 להטעותכם to make you make a mistake