Vayikra chapter 24

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 What kind of oil was used for the lighting of the lamps (of the Menorah) in the Mishkan/Tabernacle Olive Oil    
2 Where was the Menorah placed outside the curtain that was in front of the Ark    
3 For how long did the lights of the Menorah burn every day From evening until morning    
4 How many loaves of bread were placed on the special Table in the Mishkan 12    
5 How were the twelve loaves of bread arranged two rows of six each    
6 What else was placed on the table apart from the bread Pure frakinsence    
7 What was done every Shabbat with both the old and new bread New- was arranged on the Table Old- became property of the Kohanim    
8 What did the half-Israelite do during the fight he blasphemed    
9 Who was the half Israelite fighting with Another Israelite    
10 What tribe was the half Israelite’s mother from Dan    
11 What nationality was the half Israelites father Egyptian    
12 What was the blasphemers mothers name Shelomith daughter of Dibri    
13 what was made of beaten olives the olive oil for the menorah    
14 what was arranged in two rows of six 12 loaves of bread on the table    
15 what was the punishment of the blasphemer they stoned him    
16 what is the law if someone murder another Jew The murderer is put to death    
17 What is the law for someone who kills an animal he must pay for it    
18 Fracture for ___________, _________ for ________, _________ for ___________ fracture, eye, eye, tooth, tooth    
19 What happened to the blasphemer him immediately after he blasphemed he was put in custody    
20 Why didn’t they deal with the blasphemer immediately because they didnt know what to do to him