List 4

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 ה.ר.ג. Kill Ha choo! This rug is killing me!    
2 ז.כ.ר. Remember ZUCH! I can’t RRRemember!    
3 א.ס.פ. Gather Yosef gathered wheat    
4 ע.נ.ה. Answer, suffer Annah – Annswer– OH NO – don’t make me suffer!!    
5 נ.שֹ.א. Lift You gotta be nutso to lift up an elephant    
6 ג.ד.ל. Become big Gadol means big    
7 בּ.נ.ה. build    
8 שׁ.מ.ר. Guard or watch Shamaaarrr, to guaaarrrd    
9 מ.ל.א. Fill    
10 ב.ר.א. create Let's Create a house out of chocolate bars!