5th grade #3 verbs

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 פֹּעַל verb verb    
2 לִמְצֹא to find to find    
3 לָשִׂים to put to put    
4 לִשְׁלֹחַ to send to send    
5 לַעֲזֹר to help to help    
6 לְהָבִיא to bring to bring    
7 לַחְשֹׁב to think to think    
8 לִרְאוֹת to see to see    
9 לְעָזוֹב to leave to leave    
10 לָצֵאת to go out to go out    
11 לְקַבֵּל to get to get    
12 לִצְחוֹק to laugh to laugh    
13 לִרְקֹד to dance to dance    
14 לִבֽחוֹר to choose to choose    
15 לַחֲזֹר to go back/review to go back/review    
16 לִצְעֹק to scream/yell to scream/yell    
17 לִזְכֹּר to remember to remember    
18 לִשְׁכֹּחַ to forget to forget    
19 לְשִׁיר to sing to sing    
20 לִקְשֹׁר to tie to tie    
21 לִקְפֹץ to jump to jump    
22 לָרוּץ to run to run    
23 לִשְׁכַּב to lie down to lie down    
24 לְצַיָּיר to draw to draw    
25 לִקְרֹא to call/read to call/read    
26 לִזְרוֹק to throw to throw    
27 לָגוּר to live to live    
28 לְהַגִיד to tell to tell    
29 רוֹצָה want (female) want (female)    
30 רוֹצֶה want (male) want (male)